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Muscle stiffness on neck and leg difficulty in walking Have cervical spondylosis Remedy?

a. Take plenty of calcium and vitamin D containing products namely milk, cheese and paneer.

Due to stiffness of musles I find difficult to keep my balance at sometime and extream weakness in the body specially lower half.

Your advise will definitely help me in taking future course of my medical treatment.

a. Has a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI scan) of the spine been done for you? If yes, can you please upload the reports using the Upload your reports section on the right.


I would suggest the following:

As I believe that more information can help a physician help a patient better, I would request you to answer the following questions:

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I had done my testing of Serum Cal., Sr. B 12 and Vitamin D 3 yesterday and the result was as under:

Thanking you,

d. Expose yourself to sunlight for atleast 15 minutes daily.


I hope I have answered your query.

Awaiting your reply

Acupuncture will just provide symptomatic relief to some extent. It is not possible to totally cure the problem. It is very important that you get yourself investigated and the cause be found out before starting any treatment.

Thanks for posting your query.

Vitamin D 3 3.00 mg/ml

Serum Cal. 9.1 mg/dl


Thanks for posting your query.

e. Cod liver oil tablets will also help.

Sr.B 12 298.4 pg/ml

I had also consulted Dr. X Dadu, Accupunturist specialist and she suggested the accupunturist treatment for complete cure within 4 months. Please suggest whether this is a safe treatment and give cent percent results alongwith your views for increasing Vitamin D 3 level which is so low.

The result show low Vitamin D 3 whether the same can be linked with it and how I can increase my Vitamin D 3 level since I am a pure vegetarian.

c. Vitamin D3 injections might be needed. These are prescription drugs for which you would need to be evaluated by a physician in person.

Given your past history, I feel conservative treatment should suffice. But it would be better to get a detailed assessment done in order to prevent further problems.

From the description that you have provided, it appears that you are suffering from degenerative arthritis of the vertebrae (lumbar canal stenosis or ostearthritis of the spine). The stiffness that you are currently experiencing could be due to the irritation of the nerve roots by the osteophytes.

b. Oral need to be taken

I had suffered from cervical spondylysis showing the narrow gap between C 5 and C 6 vertibra and also a symtoms of degeneration in L 5 vertibra. I dont have any accute pain but find the tightning of musles back of my neck and also left leg therefore find extreamly uncomfortablMuscle stiffness on neck and leg difficulty in walking Have cervical spondylosis Remedy?e and could not lie down straight even for five minutes. Kindly suggest the remedy.

If a MRI scan has not been done for you, I would request you to consult an orthopaedic surgeon, get a complete evaluation and a MRI scan of the spine done. This will help us determine the extent of the changes and decide the best management for you.

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